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Collectible Swords Main Topics

How to collect swords
This section you will learn some tips in collecting swords. How to start your sword collection. Information about history if swords, the different types of collectible swords, what is a real sword, replica sword, how to care and maintain your sword.

Sword making
Learn how to make a sword and who were the famous sword makers.

Samurai sword, learn the characteristics and the different parts of samurai swords, how to collect them, what kind of sword you find in a set, learn the samurai sword history, what is an authentic samurai sword, etc..

Basic knowledge about the famous Japanese sword, description, FAQ, what is an original katana, find out about katana history, katana making, sharpening, training etc..

Japanese sword
Collectors' guide articles about collectible swords from Japan, learn about Japanese sword history, making, marking, sharpening, what is a iado sword, a Japanes long sword etc..

Ninja sword
Learn the characteristics of a ninjato, the legendary sword of the ninjas, find out about the history and how challenging it was to be a ninja warrior during feudal Japan.

Chinese swords
This section discover what is a Chinese war sword, and their history and the different types of collectible swords from China.

Antique swords
Sword collector guide and articles about ancient swords, how to determine the value of an antique sword, how to buy antique swords in auctions, what are the famous rare swords of the world. Learn more about antique Japanese swords and how to detect fake ones etc.

Greek sword
This page is for ancient Greek swords collectors or beginners, what is a Greek swords, their history, ancient Greek sword fighting techniques etc..

Roman sword
Section about swords of the Roman empire, learn their characteristics, their success in battle and the fighting techniques of the legionnaires.

Medieval sword
All you have to know about middle age swords, the different types, their history, knight swords, viking swords. Learn how to collect original & medieval fantasy swords.

Dagger sword
Informative articles about what is a dagger, the image of daggers in history & their evolution, world war II German daggers, etc..

Find out about this late medieval and renaissance swords, their history, and they are at the origin of fencing.

Saber sword, what are saber swords, know more about fencing sabers and light sabers from the fictional movie star wars.

Pirate swords
Everything you have to know about authetic pirate swords name cutlass. How to collect fantasy pirate swords like Jack Sparrow replica swords.

Civil war swords
Sword collector guide about the different swords, used during the American civil war, confiderate & union cavalry swords etc..

Movie fantasy swords
Guide for young collectors of fantasy swords, how to buy movie prop swords, know more about the swords of your favorite heroes, Day walker, Highlander, Reverse blade, spartan swords, Final fantasy, dragon swords, etc..

Value of swords
What is the worth of my sword? Learn how to self-appraise your swords. Easy guide to find the price of old types of swords, samurai, civil war swords, medieval swords, etc.

Latest articles

Real swords

Guide for beginners in buying authentic swords and avoid purchasing cheaply and poorly made fake swords.

Brief History of Swords

Learn the different types of sword according to the different eras they existed. Learn about the origin of the sword.

Antique samurai sword value

“How much is this old samurai sword worth?” If you inherited, bought or in possession of an antique katana, tanto or wakizashi, you may have already asked this question.

Collectible swords directory main categories

Asian swords
Directory of websites specialized in swords from Asia, sword dealers, sword collectors of Japanese samurai swords, katanas, ninja, tai chi, Chinese swords.

Ancient swords
Resources online for antique swords, buy online Greek, Roman, medieval, viking and Celtics swords.

Modern swords
Link to websites and dealers specialized in daggers, rapiers, military saber, and pirate swords, American civil war and cane swords.

Fantasy Swords
Place to buy online collectible fantasy swords: find here your favorite medieval fantasy swords and daggers, shop for anime and movie swords.

Swords by country
Sword collecting resources for Filipino, French, British, Spanish, Scottish, Egyptian, German, Islamic, American swords.

Buy swords online
Directory of sword makers retailer and wholesaler, sword company, antique sword dealers and auctions, wooden swords, practice swords, foam & plastic swords for kids, sword sets, stand and display for your sword collections.

Sword resources
General resources for sword collectors: sword fairs and show schedules, sword books for sale online, sword magazines and publications, sword forum, blogs and museums.

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